Experimental analysis of a compound pendulum with variable suspension point

Physics Education

"Experimental analysis of a compound pendulum with variable suspension point"
Martín Monteiro, Cecilia Stari, Cecilia Cabeza and Arturo C Martí

Published 8 January 2020 • © 2020 IOP Publishing Ltd

Physics Education, Volume 55, Number 2

A compound pendulum with variable point of suspension—and hence variable moment of inertia—is experimentally analysed. In particular, the period of the small oscillations as a function of position of the suspension point is measured using three different methods: a smartphone used both as an independent tool or as a data-logger and commercial photo-gate. The experimental results are successfully compared with two theoretical calculations—one of them taking all the dimensions into account and the other using a simplified geometry—based on the addition of moments of inertia and the parallel axis theorem.

Martín Monteiro et al 2020 Phys. Educ. 55 023004
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